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Work with OneDrive in File Explorer for Windows 10

In Windows 10 Microsoft integrated OneDrive with File Explorer. In previous versions of Windows OneDrive was shipped as a standalone application which you had to download in order to setup folder synchronization with OneDrive cloud storage.

When you first time click on OneDrive folder in Windows 10 File Explorer you will receive a dialog shown below. There you need to select which folders in the cloud storage you want to synchronize locally to your PC. Dialog will inform you about remaining storage on your hard drive required to download selected folders.


When you select folders and click OK Windows will start synchronizing selected OneDrive folders to your computer. When the process is done or even during it you can select OneDrive in a left file explore pane and see files already downloaded.


Any files you place in OneDrive folder will be automatically synchronized to cloud storage. In a same way any file which is uploaded to OneDrive cloud storage will be download to your PC OneDrive folder.

If you need to share a folder or a file from your OneDrive cloud storage all you need to do is just right click on a file or a folder and select “Share a OneDrive link” there.


In a moment you will see following popup window.


This popup dialog means that your link to share was saved to Windows 10 clipboard. Last step to share your file or folder with someone is sending them this link.

As with any file or folder on Windows 10 you can pin any file or folder from OneDrive to Quick Access items.

Also you can drag and drop files or folders from your OneDrive cloud storage to any place on your computer. Please note that when you do it your files that you copied to other location will not be synchronized to OneDrive any more. Only files located within OneDrive folder are synchronized.