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How to search in File Explorer

File Explorer in Windows 10 has very rich search functionality. It allows you to search files on your hard drives, in quick access folders, desktop and external drives. To switch to the File Explorer search mode you need to either type something in the File Explorer search bar and press enter or select “Search” tab in the File Explorer. On a screenshot below you can see File Explorer for Windows 10 in “Search” tab.


There are multiple available filters which you can apply to your search in File Explorer. You can filter files by Size, Kind, Date Modified, Type, Name, Folder path, Tags. When you select specific search option in the File Explorer menu you will also see it as a text in a search bar. For example if you selected Size -> Medium (100 KB – 1 MB) you will see size:medium added to your search text in a search bar.


Besides filtering on size and kind you can view your most recent searches or save your search to disc.


Instead of selecting search options in File Explorer user interface you can just start typing them in search bar. For example if you will type kind: in search bar you will see list of all possible “kind” selections.


Some other useful options are “type” which allows to search by file extension. For example you can type file:pdf to search all PDF files. Or file:mp4 to search mp4 video files. Or you can search for files with specific word in name using “name” search filter.